An actor can choose from one to three looks in a session, to showcase not only their versatility, but also to create an age range. In One Look, two images are chosen for photoshop work and sized to an 8x10, 5x7 and a web/email size. this also includes a titled 8x10 and compilation DL for self promotion. Two Looks, three images are chosen, Three Looks, four images are chosen. Starting with a clean face and naturally styled hair, different looks can be created with changes in make-up, hair, wardrobe and lighting.

For Corporate clients, different looks can include business styles for promotion, advertising and financial reports, as well as a more relaxed style for authors or speakers. For more examples, please go into the 'girls' or 'guys' portfolios. Polita trio for befores and afters? folio.jpgDanielle Prince four shot folio.jpgJesse Richardson four shot folio.jpgJess Cloete five shot folio.jpgAnthony Thomas five shot folio.jpgDanielle Prince IMG_7444 folio.jpgDanielle Prince IMG_7448 folio.jpgDanielle Prince IMG_7474 folio.jpgDanielle Prince IMG_7500 folio.jpgPaul Hodge_MG_4726 8x10 email.jpgPaul Hodge_MG_4846 8x10 email.jpg_MG_4798 8x10 email.jpgSonia Ball IMG_0557 8x10 titled email.jpgSonia Ball IMG_0628 8x10 email.jpgSonia Ball IMG_0658 8x10 email.jpgsonia Ball IMG_0673 8x10 email.jpg_MG_2941 8x10 titled folio AJ.jpg_MG_2889 5x7 folio AJ.jpg_MG_2866 5x7 folio AJ.jpg_MG_4296 5x7 folio.jpg_MG_4318 5x7 folio.jpg_MG_4358 5x7 folio.jpg_MG_4420 5x7 folio.jpgJim Bostock_MG_4991 5x7 email.jpgJim Bostock_MG_5029 5x7 email.jpgJim Bostock_MG_4997 5x7 email.jpg_MG_3090 5x7 folio CC.jpg_MG_3104 5x7 folio CC.jpg_MG_3030 8x10 titled folio HC.jpg_MG_3062 5x7 folioi HC.jpg_MG_2816 5x7 folio LV.jpg_MG_2827 5x7 folio LV.jpg_MG_3603 5x7 folio KS.jpg_MG_3673 5x7 folio KS.jpg_MG_3554 5x7 folio KS.jpgBrianna Schlecht IMG_4225 final email.jpgBrianna SchlechtIMG_4337 final.jpg_MG_2400 8x10 titled folio JH.jpg_MG_2400 5x7 folio JH.jpg_MG_2349 5x7 folio JH.jpg_MG_2337 5x7 folio JH.jpg_MG_2289 5x7 folio JH.jpgJess Conacoplia IMG_5912 8x10.jpgJess Conacoplia IMG_5931 final 8x10 email.jpgJess Conacoplia IMG_5979 final.jpgJess Conacoplia IMG_6000 final email.jpgInnes Harriman_MG_5423 5x7 email.jpgInnes Harriman_MG_5405 5x7 email.jpgKate Veitch IMG_9433 8x10 titled email.jpgKatie Veitch IMG_9453 5x7 email.jpgAlex Compton IMG_6159 final email.jpgAlex ComptonIMG_6209 final2.jpg_MG_2496 folio.jpg_MG_2518 folio.jpg_MG_2603 folio.jpg